Adventures in Popsicles – Part 2

Adventures In Popsicles – Part 2

Shirley Meerson here, reporting in with an update to my story of Adventures in Popsicles.

Are you ready to include more exotic healthy delicious flavours of popsicles into your summer fun?  

Cool off with these treats that are eye candy, trendy, healthy, refreshing, and easy to create. Yes – it’s the season that specifically signals >>> it’s time for that popsicle.

Last Summer the story of the origin of popsicles was a super hit – Adventures in Popsicles

Today is Part Two with my new finds.  You, the audience have asked for more 😊

Don’t worry…what we have now is a far far journey from the photo below-  it’s such a hilarious blast from the past.

Photo courtesy of Unilever

Fast forward

…to our modern world with tons of recipes to include gourmet popsicles and trendy artisan ice pops.  Some even made with…you guessed it – all kinds of adult alcoholic beverages.

We also find popsicles that are all natural and sugar free, dairy free, without any artificial ingredients…if you want.

Don’t be surprised to find popsicles in flavours of caramel latte, avocado, champagne, key lime pie, granola, mango, matcha, banana, and Thai ice tea.

The list of possibilities could fill more than this page. A book.

And in Asia, we have frozen desserts on a stick made from sweet corn, red bean, durian, coconut, white coffee, and cendol – to name a few.

For the popsicle round-up, I present three ideas for your summer cool eating pleasure.

First up is Kristina Cho of Eat Cho Food who by coincidence is based in my beloved San Francisco.  Kristina’s culinary characteristics are a blend of her architectural designer side meets her Chinese/Cantonese restaurant and food centric upbringing.  

Behold her creation of Coconut Cantaloupe Popsicles: a luscious simple recipe made with cantaloupe, coconut milk, coconut yogurt, and honey.

Coconut Cantaloupe Popsicles -photo courtesy of Kristina Cho

For a different taste treat and if you are a tea lover as I am – you’re gonna love the Hong Kong Milk Tea Popsicles that Kristina creates. Done with the black tea and condensed milk – you can view the full recipe here

Hong Kong Milk Tea Popsicles – photo courtesy of Kristina Cho

Over to – Natasha of Salt & Lavender

Natasha creates wholesome tasty recipes that are designed for busy people and made from fresh, real ingredients.  

I was attracted to her Lavender Lemonade Popsicles for something refreshing and fragrant. And because I am an Aromatherapy Queen  Yes, that’s been one of my nicknames by pals in the industry – and I love lavender desserts.

Lavender lemonade popsicles are easy to make and only require four ingredients.  Visit Salt & Lavender to access the recipe.

Lavender Lemonade Popsicles – photo courtesy of Natasha of Salt & Lavender

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