Falling Leaves Dress

Instead of people always change their clothes, the clothes can sometimes change themselves.

Trees naturally lose their leaves – so why not a dress that will respond to the temperatures… (view dress video)


Fall is an interactive garment that mimics nature’s responsive systems through hidden electronic mechanisms.

The behavior of the garment is inspired by nature’s seasonal behavior of defoliation, the process through which trees naturally lose their leaves.

The piece reacts to the simulated use of surrounding environmental factors.

The objective is not only to augment a garment’s functionality but also to use its qualified technology as an instrument to create an expressive interactive piece.

Fall along with other exciting fashion pieces are created by Birce Özkan.


Born in Istanbul, Birce studied Design and Technology at Parsons. Her work and projects concentrate on discussing the interactivity on the body, combining technology, fashion, science, politics and art.

Her focus is to create pieces of wearable technology that are inspired by nature and change in response to its environment.

Birce believes that her fresh type of interactive fashion works can open new ways of creating wearable technology not just to serve a functional purpose, but also to create artistic, performative and expressive pieces.

She strongly thinks that her work brings another perspective to the human body and to fashion.

Birce believes that fashion can be “kinetic, dynamic and almost a living expression of our unique experience with nature. I want clothing to have more responsiveness to the environment, so that instead of people always change their clothes, the clothes can sometimes change themselves.”


What a fabulous and unusual concept that clothes can react to the world around us.