Ginseng Chicken Soup​

What could be better than Chicken Soup?  Ginseng Chicken Soup!  You must try this Asian specialty.

All over the world each culture has an interpretation of chicken soup – at least 25 countries offer versions.

Why do people love ginseng chicken soup?  I love the taste and healing it gives me.

Placebo?  I doubt it. You be the judge.

Chicken soup has gained its following due to its reputation as a remedy for colds and flu and a lot more.

Thereby making it a comfort food. A real comfort food that combats illness.

In Asian countries is where they add the traditional Chinese herbs to kick it up a notch for super healing.

Korea is known for its Samgyetang – their specialty of ginseng chicken soup.  It is considered an energy food if you are feeling sluggish, weak, or tired. Samgyetang is even traditionally more widely used in the hot hot summer time. Koreans will eat the soup to strike a balance of the heat inside themselves with the outside temperature.  As I hear there are so many famous Samgyetang restaurants in Seoul.  It’s on my wish list so when I make it to that city – I’ll do my own tastings and report back in with a future article.   

The Chinese love soup and are very well known for their medicinal herb soups.  There are so many varieties and they actually use it as medicine. The name of ginseng chicken soup in Cantonese is translated as yan sum gai tong.

Slowly cook the chicken with ginseng and if you want, add only a few other ingredients or nothing else in order to remain a purist. The soup is basically a low-fat food. After cooking you can refrigerate the soup to skim off any layer of congealed fat from the top.

Make sure the soup is hot so you feel it in going down. Enjoy the chicken meat that will easily fall off the bone. The broth has the bitter medicinal taste of the ginseng – which is lovely. Have a side bowl of rice and slip some in the soup for an extra boost. This is healing at its finest.

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.

Ginseng Chicken Soup

Photo of Ginseng Chicken Soup – courtesy of Shirley Meerson