Ki & Ka

Ki & Ka

An Indian production

Directed by R. Balki

Can the man wear the apron and the woman wear her ambition?

Can a man take the lead in keeping house and making it a home?

I personally am not lobbying for this query. I happen to like Arjun Kapoor and the subject itself is definitely worth some screen time.

This Indian romantic drama presents the situation of swapping expected gender roles in our society. The film title refers to the Hindi words of ki for feminine and ka masculine. And the subsequent outcomes when ka takes up the role of ki.

No spoilers here.  And I don’t do lengthy plot break-downs in my film reviews.

Ki & Ka moves through different elements – it is sweet, fun, there is a chemistry, plus a dash of food-porn.

The film has heart and is not too strong or disturbing. Nevertheless, there will be moments of anger, frustration, and sadness.

The examinations of this gender-role reversal lifestyle do not run deep in this film.

Not everything is plausible in the Ki & Ka universe.  Hey, it’s a movie – so go along for the ride – it’s entertainment.

Plot wise – Kareena Kapoor is looking beautiful and confident all the while as Arjun Kapoor shows himself to be quite self-assured, masculine and loving.

Kareena slays it with her fashion. Her styles are supplied by the Indian fashion designer – Manish Malhotra, the king of costumes.  Manish is an icon in the fashion world with a lengthy career. I love him and have him on my Instagram feed. Take a look as his classics.

If you like Arjun Kapoor catch him in a more gritty role – his first film, Ishaqzadde.

Yo Yo Honey Singh – hugely famous Bollywood music producer – is rocking it on a music track with 95 million views.

And I will not tell you about the special cameo appearances from a couple of Bollywood legends – who fit very well into their roles.

Ki & Ka is a feel-good film with a message – albeit not a strong message but it is entertaining.

Interestingly – I bumped into an article by the Harvard Business Review dated May of this year and it poses the gender reversal question with supporting studies. There you have it HBR confirms it…

Does a woman’s high-status career hurt her marriage? Not if her husband does the laundry.