The Smart Stiletto

Sexy and comfortable.

Hmmm sounds like an evening on the sofa with my boyfriend.

No it isn’t.

Well…yes it sure could be.

But in this case it is a shoe.

Yes, a shoe.

A stiletto no less.

Sexy and comfortable.

What ?

You’re kidding ?

Thesis Couture ( are the new shoes that dare to combine a look, a feel, and practicality.

Marked as the world’s first high performance stilettos™.

With high – very high heels –  they say to be ‘as comfy as your trainers’.

The Smart Stiletto

Photo courtesy of Thesis Couture

I became intrigued to follow this story.

And no – this is not a paid advertisement – not in the least.

Early on in my holistic health career, I studied massage therapy extensively.

A whole world of anatomy and physiology opened up to me, with a view on the interconnectedness of our systems within the human body.

Thereby one can recognize that in this situation, the users of high heels often find themselves with damaging effects on their skeletal, muscular, or nervous systems.

Look around.  It is obvious to see these types of potential problems that can occur with constant repetition. People hunched over staring into their phones.  Thumbs, fingers, and wrists being overused.  Hours spent bending over a computer. High heels and platform shoes with damaging postural results. You get the picture.

Fact: apparently 83% of women have suffered pain caused by high heel shoes.

Thesis Couture has created the shoe to end all shoes……at least in the genre of high heels.

Dolly Singh, is the founder and visionary behind Thesis.

Singh, a former executive with SpaceX, the Elon Musk company in Silicon Valley, left that world to design her high performance stilettos.

She has been a lady on a mission to make the perfect high heel without causing lasting damage to women’s feet.

Watch the video to hear Singh’s story:

And now 3 years into this project, Thesis Couture will soon unveil the debut design – the OlympusOne™ with 1,500 pair available and more than 10,000 people on the waitlist. The debut model will be priced at about US$ 925. The shoe’s structure will be made in Singapore, with its exterior crafted in Italy and Brazil.

Dolly Singh’s strategy has been that technology meets fashion with a design creation team to include a NASA astronaut, an orthopedic surgeon, mechanical engineer, and fashion technologist. These experts on board had to consider numerous of factors including creating a new beautiful lust-worthy shoe to improve loading, balance, and fatigue.

shoe images

My question that has yet been answered is: what about sufficient space for our toes? I detest squeezing my feet in super pointy narrow shoes. Has anybody noticed that this is similar to the foot wrapping techniques of ancient Chinese cultures. The toe box of our shoes should be wide enough to accommodate our toes.

In this our modern age ☺