The Sunflower Brilliance of Changi Airport

The sunflowers of Changi Airport are a welcome site for any tired traveller.

Big, bold, bright, and bending in the wind – these flowers with their huge heads are nodding hello to you.

In between your journey, you must make the time to stop and view the sunflowers.


Relax at a mini-park of sunflowers – about 500 are on display – of different types and sizes.

Most of the plants are grown at the airport’s very own nursery.  A team of horticulturists nurture the plants from the tiny seeds – which takes about 90 days to grow to about 1 meter tall. Then they are brought to the garden to bloom.

It’s a nice change from the shop till you drop mentality or eat until you drop that permeates all airport terminals.


Rooftop garden at the Transit Hall of Terminal 2 and it’s free.

These bright smiling flowers sit outdoors amid a backdrop of the airport’s runway.

The Sunflower Garden is one of the seven themed gardens at Changi Airport Singapore.

You can shop, eat, or be cheered on by the sunflowers – or all of the above.  Why not!

These sunflowers will inspire your day, make you happy and add a nice moment of serenity.

Flower power prevails. It’s something very easy on the eyes and puts a beautiful image into your mind.

Sunflower Garden at Changi Airport Singapore – Photo by Shirley Meerson

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