You Decide – Your Life, Your Way

There’s too much noise and drama.

Everyone’s an expert on subjects of life that they may not really know in depth – or have the experience.

And they’re telling you how to lead your life.  Chargeable of course.

Stop and think about it.  Do they have your best interests in mind?

Do these experts understand you?

I recently had this actual experience and it was time and money consuming, as well as unsatisfying.  What did I do? Remember that saying: “take what you want and leave the rest”. Yes, that’s what I did.

There isn’t one answer that fits everyone.

Stop with the excessive comparisons.

Break the habit of always using people’s outward success as your benchmark.

We are living in a time when too many people are promising big rewards if you will follow their system.  Chargeable of course.

Less drama is needed.

A lot less.

Do your homework – it’s called due diligence.  

Find the positive and useful information that’s out there and then tailor it to your needs.  

Who or what things lift your spirit, makes your heart warm, and puts a smile on your face.  Go after that and follow those signals.

Be open and allowing to discover.

You are the CEO of your life.

You decide – your life, your way.

You take the responsibility and select what is important for you.

You decide what you want. Establish your priorities.

And you create your own curriculum for attaining it.

Including all the teachers, mentors, and angels who can help.

Stay positive.

So many things happen on the road.  It’s called living.

Keep moving forwardYou will make things happen.

When you decide that it’s your life, your way – you will then find your way.

Are you overwhelmed and need help sorting out your needs?  Is technology running your life and digital screens are your only friends?  

Reboot your life and get back to balance now.

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