About Shirley Meerson

Welcome Dear Friend,

I’m so glad you’re here.  You’ve taken that first step to feeling great.

Let me start with a bit of back-story.  The HEALING ARTS have been my lifelong career and passion and always will be. Finding information, living it, and passing on what works.

Specifically, encouraging people to have the best quality of life possible – no matter what your age.

In fact, it has become MY MISSION to guide other people in making more healthful choices that will lead to an energetic and fulfilling life.

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I want to share with you what I have seen and learned after more than three decades (yep, 30 years!) in the holistic health, wellness, beauty & spa industry.

Using myself as an experiment by trying updated lifestyle concepts, cutting-edge products, natural health developments, and healing technologies. I’ve always taken the holistic, preventative approach to aging – by living!

Then, blending all of these amazing results and information, which I have accumulated through living and working globally in 12 different countries…

I’ve immersed myself in the concept of an AGELESS WELLNESS LIFESTYLE =  meaning a timeless long lasting wellbeing as the foundation of your life.

Shirley Meerson CHWC, Ageless Wellness Lifestyle Coach

And, who is this ‘Agelessly Well’ woman, you ask?

I’m Shirley Meerson, CHWC — a Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Writer, Practitioner, and Educator with an empathetic global view.

I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area and travelled quite a bit, and then ventured out of the USA permanently in 2001. Eventually, I picked a home base in Kuala Lumpur and travel for projects and personal.

I continued my career in the Wellness, Beauty & Spa industry  (White Star Wellness) while trekking through life as an expat…all the while dreaming of my favorite tofu dish and foreign film.

But, I am also an everyday woman. Wait, let me reframe that… I am an extraordinary soul, as each of us beautiful people are!

I’m in good health, thriving (not just surviving!) and usually full of energy – that said I am on the backside of sixty.

I’ve been told that I have a lot of moxie, but mine is a quiet confidence – and that surprises people. I also refuse to be stereotyped as some “aging issue”, and I personally, am waving a flag for an ageless timeless healthy existence.


Ageless Wellness Lifestyle ~ A timeless solution to live your life!

So, my new healthy friend, please join me in discovering that AGELESS WELLNESS LIFESTYLE means positive, lasting health changes – with new definitions. There are literally no boundaries to shaping your best quality of life!

What I have done these years – you can do too. What I have learned, I am so happy to share with you too!

Life is about fine-tuning and updating – with the right tools and information.

Thanks for stopping by.  How may I assist you in your wellness needs? 

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Wellness wishes always,