Ageless Wellness ~ Health Coaching

Are you concerned about your beauty, energy, and focus fading as the years tick by?

Have you also spent many of those years climbing the corporate ladder – having to push your way to success, far beyond what was sustainable?

Has it been quite some time since you regularly practiced self-care, and you’re missing the little things in life like laughter and true relaxation?

Do you have poorly functioning adrenals? You likely feel both wired and tired at the same time!

Basically – you’ve forgotten what it feels like to FEEL GOOD. I felt this way too!

Don’t we all want our best health, and to be at the top of our game – at any age?

Nowadays, 60 (or even 70!) is the new 50. So, how can you step into that and really OWN IT – regardless of the number?

But, how many of these statements ring true for you?

– I don’t know what happened to my quality of life!

– I often feel nervous or agitated and don’t know why?

– How am I ever going to learn how to relax, let alone meditate? (which everyone is telling me I need to do!)

– I feel overwhelmed and chronically stressed most of the time.

– I’m hearing a lot about the necessity of daily self-care, but I don’t know where to begin!

– My calendar is a hot mess! I need help with organization & time management skills.

– Did you recently receive a wake-up call from your doctor or health practitioner?

AGELESS WELLNESS is about having no boundaries to shaping your quality of life, and I’ve always taken the holistic, preventative approach to aging…by living.

Meet your Ageless Wellness Health Coach

Hi, I’m Shirley Meerson!

I’m a Holistic Health Practitioner, Beauty & Spa Trainer/Educator, Freelance Writer, avid traveler, and of course, a Health & Wellness Coach — with an empathetic global view.

I’ve worked as a corporate executive in the Beauty, Spa & Wellness industry, and I know first-hand of the what results that women all over the world want to achieve – in their health & beauty.

Shirley Meerson, Health Coach | Living Agelessly Well Around the Globe

Shirley Meerson, Ageless Wellness Health Coaching

I also practice the same health optimizing strategies that I guide my clients in.

I have certifications & training that include:  

o Health & Wellness Coach

o Longevity Specialist

o Certified Hypnotherapist

o Cognitive Behavioral Therapy/CBT Practitioner

o Shiatsu, Reiki & Therapeutic Massage

o Continuing education in Aromatherapy, Feng Shui, Meditation, Chinese Medicine, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Mind-Body Fitness, Ayurveda, Tibetan healing techniques, Brain Nutrients, and Cell Memory

I offer coaching sessions that are focused on prevention and lifestyle changes, using techniques I’ve learned from my lifelong passion for the Healing Arts.

This will ultimately lead you to greater enjoyment of your daily life – and not just enjoyment – thriving, like you’ve never known!

You’ll learn that food is information, self-care is the engineer, and the movement of your body will propel you!


All plans begin with a Free 20-minute Discovery Call

Ageless Wellness health coaching with Shirley Meerson

OPTION 1 – ENERGIA: Energy Boost Coaching Bundle    

$275 for 4 coaching sessions, continued support & guidance + ONE bonus gift

  • Life Balance Assessment
  • Initial Consultation/Lifestyle History (60-mins)
  • 3x Coaching Sessions, 45-mins each
  • Email support between sessions
  • Activity Diary
  • Weekly Inspirational Message
  • Resources to guide you in lifestyle behaviors & self-care

BONUS: “A Short Guide to a Long Life” by David B. Agus, MD

OPTION 2 – EMBRACE: The Actionable, New You Coaching Bundle

$488 for 7 coaching sessions, continued support & guidance + THREE bonus gifts

  • Life Balance Assessment
  • Initial Consultation/Lifestyle History (60-mins)
  • 6x Coaching Sessions, 45-mins each
  • Email Support between sessions
  • Activity Diary
  • Weekly Inspirational Message
  • Resources to guide you in lifestyle behaviors & self-care
  • Values Clarification
  • Life Balance Workbook

BONUSES ($60 Value):

  1. “A Short Guide to a Long Life” by David B. Agus, MD
  2. One month of meal plans from Forks Over Knives
  3. Sweet Dreams Aromatherapy Roller Ball

What results could you achieve when we work together?

o   Increase your energy

o   Kick stress to the curb with a real action plan

o   Upgrade your eating habits

o   Learn holistic ways of living a preventative lifestyle

o   Move your body regularly (and actually enjoy it!)

o   Embrace the healing power of self-care rituals

Ageless Wellness Coaching with Shirley Meerson

I want to ensure that our relationship is more of a supportive partnership where we work together as a team to create a plan that fits your needs.

My style of coaching provides customized, strategic support to help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

Listen, friend. It’s time to make your life easier.
It’s time to make room for things that really matter!

Forget your age – and actually LIVE your life!
What are you waiting for?

Let’s CONNECT TODAY and get started with an Ageless Wellness Health Coaching session.
(Remember, the first one is FREE!!)



Shirley Meerson does not provide Medical Advice.

If you have a medical issue, please see a qualified Medical Practitioner.

The information and guidance provided to you in the health and wellness coaching session(s) are for educational and learning purposes only.

The information you are given is to be used at your own risk, based on your own judgment.

There are no guarantees of a specific gain or result.

If you have any questions about my services, please CONTACT ME