Shirley Meerson, Writer

Shirley Meerson, Freelance Writer - RecommendationI feel so grateful and blessed that my long and winding professional path has shaped me into a cultural aficionado, expat executive, wellness expert, happiness engineer, efficiency specialist…and so many more roles that I’ve truly enjoyed!

I would be happy to share my expertise and thereby add value to the creative development of YOUR business.

As a WRITER with a wide range of interests and areas of expertise in the Health & Wellness industry (including Health Coaching), I can also provide you and your business platform with high-quality, informative health-focused articles.


Ways we could work together:

– Writer Contributor /Regular Column

– Product Reviews – beauty & wellness, travel, & more

– Brand Ambassador

– Collaborations – pitch me an idea, I’m open

– Wellness & Beautification Tourism

– Event Contributor – fashion, travel, cultural

– Travel with reviews of destinations, hotels, spas, tours, restaurants & resorts

As featured in…

I have contributed to worldwide publications for 18+ years – writing on culture, fashion, fitness, beauty, health, management, travel, and living well!


Shirley Meerson, Freelance Writer

I must note that I will only work with companies and brands I respect and personally enjoy, and I reserve the right to express my honest opinion.

For more information, to discuss your writing project or any other ideas…