Wellness Spa Consulting Services

Working within the Wellness~Spa industry is an avenue of health & rejuvenation!

Often it is not to so many involved – from the operators, staff, and owners.

With more than twenty years of experience in this industry and starting as a massage therapist, I have the experience in all types of facilities and many unusual projects: day spas, hotel & resort spas, destination spas, as a mystery shopper, and have worked within single projects through to corporate spa director.

I continue to be passionate about an industry and lifestyle that serves people of all ages in all locales.

I am an expert on pre-opening development, architectural planning, interior integration, spa operations, plus staffing – with an emphasis on cultural nuances for various global locations.

I am here to help you scratch things off your ‘to-do list’.

You need the time to relax and get that massage!

  • I am available to consult with your company on a variety of spa, fitness & wellness related topics for your facility.
  • I am the ‘go to’ person regarding cultural integration.
  • Enjoy the freedom from lengthy contracts.
  • Have confidence that a hands-on professional will complete the task

Hear what Fatih Mehmet Günday, Director of Spa Wellness & Fitness at JW Marriott Ankara had to say regarding working directly with Shirley:

“She is a great leader and she was my mentor. I can say I completed a master’s degree in business administration in Spa Business after 2 years working with her! Ms Wellness, you will always be the best for me!”

What do you need today? What are your requirements for the coming 6 – 12 months?

  • Facility evaluation
  • Develop a new concept
  • Product & equipment sourcing
  • Treatment Menu creation
  • Launch your wellness class schedule with descriptions
  • Train staff in 5-star customer service
  • Treatment evaluation & protocols
  • Spa Manager/Spa Director on vacation and you require a short term fill-in?
  • Mystery shopper
  • New as a Spa Manager? Get tips navigating the road of big business with all its financial demands mixed with staff matters. I will provide you a strategy to take you forward and allow you to sleep at night.

Ray Ang of BodySpa Boutique, Singapore recommended:

“It is my pleasure to work with Shirley on one of her Middle Eastern projects. Shirley is one of the most knowledgeable spa consultants in the industry. Her vast international spa experience, business sense, and fine eye for detail has provided Shirley with a keen sense for developing concepts.

Her superb organizational skills allow her to keep track of all the details necessary to coordinate the most complex projects. Shirley is always positive and her engaging personality enables her to interact effectively with clients and colleagues.”

For more information, discuss an upcoming project, and any other ideas, please contact info@shirleymeerson.com