Calm is a superpower | The top 6 Benefits of Being Calm | Shirley Meerson, Health Coaching

6 Benefits of Being Calm

Do YOU believe that ‘calm’ is a superpower?

And with proper focus and development, you will find the benefits of being calm.

– Calm is having the absence of strong emotions.

– Super refers to an extraordinary ability.

– Power is the capacity and size of your influence.

So by my calculations, CALM = YOUR GREATEST SUPERPOWER!

Calmness is a mental state we should all be striving for - an inner place that lessens the grip of anxiety, worry, excitement, and troubles. Click To Tweet

You want to be able to know calm and to actually use it.  Not each moment of the day, of course, but to have access to this place within you that helps you in so many incredible ways.

Think of being calm as your shield – like a piece of protective gear you wear. An invisible shield that protects your energy from the toxicity of either other people’s negativity, or when your life is spinning much too fast.   

The Top 6 Benefits of Being Calm

  • You feel more in control of your emotions and your life.
  • Increased breathing capacity.
  • You can hear your own thoughts.
  • Rediscover your creative flow.
  • You have clearer communication.
  • Enjoy better health.

But, why is being calm so important to master?

As the world becomes faster – we need to slow down.

Adulting is hard work and quite often regardless of our good intentions, positive vibes, lifehacks, and excessive ingested fuel for slaying our days – WE NEED A BREAK.Calm is a superpower | Shirley Meerson Ageless Wellness Health Coaching

There are peaks and valleys – good days and bad days – moods that arrive for no apparent reason.

There can be too much on your mind, which often does lead to overwhelm.

And then we get off balance with our emotions swirling that lead to poor lifestyle choices.  

There is too much need. Too much involvement, comparison, and grasping.

People rarely switch off anymore. Thinking and now assuming that you must be plugged in.

People everywhere are so focused on texting or have their nose to their device. I can’t believe the number of people I see daily who have to text while they are walking.

And the sounds of cities. Many of us walk through phenomenal levels of noise pollution each day of our urban life.

How can you relax? How can you settle into your own equilibrium?

Most people just don’t feel a sense of peace, calm, or serenity throughout their day.

But, where do even you find the calm?

To “be calm” is different than to “be relaxed”.

I mean, how can you even hear yourself think these days with all of the noise and chatter?!

Life has become fast and rather impersonal, but there was a time when it was not.

You don’t need to race around each day.

Where is the living in the moment and appreciating life as it is happening?    

When was the last time you let yourself relax and recharge – alone and without people?

Begin to introduce some calm into your life. Start your day with a calm morning ritual — this is a time to chill and be happy.  

Later in the day you can work your way into high gear and rev up!

Remember this: Silence is not empty – it’s full of answers.

Are you searching for how to add more ‘calm’ into your life?

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