Sunflowers Changi Airport Singapore

The Sunflower Brilliance of Changi Airport, Singapore

The sunflowers of Changi Airport Singapore are a welcome sight for any tired traveler.

Big, bold, bright, and bending in the wind – these flowers with their huge heads are nodding hello to you.

Moreover, the flowers are greeting and sending out joy.

Consequently, in between your journey, make the time to stop and view the sunflowers.


What to expect?

It’s a wonderful surprise to be able to relax at a mini-park of sunflowers. There are about 500 are on display with different types and sizes.

Many of the gorgeous plants are grown at the airport’s very own nursery.  A team of horticulturists nurtures the plants from the tiny seeds. This watchful care takes about 90 days to grow to almost 1 meter tall. The plants are then brought to the garden to bloom.

It’s a nice change from the shop till you drop mentality. Or in Asia, it’s the eat until you drop that permeates airport terminals.


Where exactly do you find these sunflowers at Changi Airport?

Rooftop garden at the Transit Hall of Terminal 2 and furthermore, it’s free.

These bright smiling flowers sit outdoors amid a backdrop of the airport’s runway.

The Sunflower Garden is one of the seven themed gardens at Changi Airport Singapore.

You can shop, eat, or be cheered on by the sunflowers, therefore you can try all of the above. Why not?!

These sunflowers will inspire your day, make you happy and add a nice moment of serenity.

Flower power prevails.

It’s something very easy on the eyes and puts a beautiful image into your mind.

Sunflowers Changi Airport Singapore

Sunflower Garden at Changi Airport Singapore – Photo by Shirley Meerson

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