Get moving | Shirley Meerson, Ageless Wellness Health Coach

The World is in a sedentary mess – time to get moving!

Once upon a time, it was the critique of the couch potatoes.

Then it was the barrage of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Now it is the working world who have turned into a population of desk-bound dwellers with text necks.

The World is in a sedentary mess.

Couch potatoes was a phrase coined in the late 1970’s pointing to the people who constantly did little or no exercise and watched a lot of TV. Basically a lazy and inactive person. The phrase was started by a couple of guys humorously ranting against the healthy lifestyle of California in the 70’s.

Fast forward to our current dilemma affecting our health and wellness.

We are more than ever, faced with an abundance of desk-bound duties.

This inactive sitting regime has become a part of our modern life and we follow it for our paychecks

What’s all this talk about?

It’s all about movement.

And habits.

To create better habits for everyday living.

And choosing to be mindful of when and how much we succumb to believing that it is more important to be electronically connected 24/7 than to be a spiritual being living in a human body.

The body is the temple of our spirit and we need to take care of it. Just like a person would care for their car (we hope) with proper fuel and maintenance.

Think prevention.

Create new habits to use for the long term.

When we are in good health then many positive things in our life cascade from this wellness.

Being fit isn’t just about weight loss.

Being fit is more than pumping iron or running a race.  To be fit is to be in good physical condition with plenty of energy to perform your daily work and leisure activities. Once you maintain this in your life, then that level of wellness becomes your remedy to disease and stress.

How can you achieve a fit lifestyle?  Two words = get moving!

Why Should I Exercise?

It turns out that moving has a huge benefit on your mental health. No surprise here because we know that the mind and body are connected.

Thereby we can evaluate just how important it is to make this lifestyle change.

Exercise can be as effective as medications and psychotherapies.

People who move and exercise consistently may find the following benefits: pain relief, stronger immune system, reduced depression, blood pressure levels regulated, reduced stress, weight loss, toned muscles, better posture, diminished risk of heart disease, increased bone density, improved respiratory function, more flexibility, and so many more advantages.

Traditional and Timeless Exercises

Get your body moving regularly with activities and exercise that will put yourself on the road to success.

  • Walk:   it is as simple as that. “Walking is man’s best medicine.”
  • Cycle:  indoor at home or in a group class.  Or outdoor and feel the fresh breeze against your skin.
  • Swim:  Can’t swim?  It is a sure bet you can still do exercises in the water. Check out the new aquatic fitness equipment.
  • Adult playground:  cities worldwide are building more and more playgrounds to entice people to partake in these jungle gyms for grown-ups. Kids aren’t the only ones who should play.
  • Yoga or Tai Chi: may be practiced by yourself or in a group. Both offer superb total conditioning of mind, body, and spirit with amazing side benefits of flexibility and balance.
  • Dance:  either formally in a class, club, or at home and sweat to your preferred music.

Traditional fitness centres and gyms are well stocked with state of the art cardio and strength equipment; thereby a gym membership is well worth the investment.  Also these facilities offer a multitude of classes in everything from ViPR, , Pilates, Martial Arts, Zumba, Bhangra, Gyrotonics, and BodyPump, to name a few.

How Often?

If you are a couch-potato or have not done regular exercise or sports in some time, then give yourself reasonable goals.   This way you can incorporate new habits into your lifestyle.

Remember; use your judgement to consult your doctor before starting any exercise program.

Each person has specific body needs and age factors that can influence this lifestyle addition.

Daily is optimal.  The best starting point is 30 minutes of moderate exercise done three or more times a week. And don’t forget to include stretching at least twice a week.

You can’t get to a gym or class?  Or that style of exercise is not your thing?  There are other ways to keep moving along in your day.

Step away from your desk.  Put down your mobile, iPad, and laptop. That’s correct.  Get up and move.   Take the stairs instead of elevators.  Walk to that errand when you can – instead of taking a car. Go bowling, vacuum your house, walk the dog, shovel the snow.

There are many ways that life presents us with motion.

As you begin to move and exercise more, you will find the inspiration and encouragement.

Have fun and keep moving to stay fit, happy, and relaxed.

Exercise is a pillar of self-care, a necessity of wellness.

Let’s get you on you the path to living the Ageless Wellness Lifestyle too.