Keep Moving Forward - It's the Best Direction | Forward mean progress

Keep Moving Forward…It’s the Best Direction!

Don’t trip over something that was once behind you.  Keep moving forward.

Move on ahead. Further.

I didn’t say you have to run, leap or fly forward. Taking steps is fine.

Proceed onward to make progress in your life.

You can and will make things happen!

Go at your own pace – but don’t stop moving ahead.

Forward is the direction of progression, so keep moving!

A lifetime has so many scenes – with health, careers, emotions, family, world events, personal goals, time issues, and relationships.

It can get exhausting and we struggle for answers, and there is no reason to constantly try to figure everything out.

Do you whine or criticize?

Endlessly complaining will never be the answer.

You take the steps to change.

If you don’t like where you are, move! You are not a tree!
~ Og Mandino wrote this in 1975

When life unexpectedly changes – stop, breathe, and regroup to keep moving forward.

It’s a no-brainer really.  In order to keep on living – we must move forward.

And let’s put a smile on your face while you get on with it. And please do stop and help each other on your way.

Difficult roads can lead to beautiful destinations. Keep moving forward.

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