Letter from the Editor

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Hi and a warm welcome to my Winter 2016 Quarterly E-Magazine.

As you get to know me, you will see a recurring theme of living well for optimum health.

I always recommend to maintain a regular routine with meals and sleep to stabilize a person’s physiology.

My quote here goes further by focusing in, and encourages you to form habits to maintain a positive experience before you sleep. And upon waking in the morning.

This is a reminder to you, to me, to all of us – to program and create a happiness practice for our self at those special times of the day.

Try it and experience the results.

We all have seen the instructions on airplanes that tell: ‘in case of emergency put on your oxygen mask first, before you help your children or others.’ It is a similar situation although not an emergency.

Take care of yourself first.

Caring for yourself is not any self-centred act either. It is mandatory.

When you feel good and fit – you can do the work you were meant to do and to create and function well here on Planet Earth.

My quote is a reminder of self-healing and visualizing – to love our self and practice gratitude. To set the tone for your precious sleep and to program positivity for your day upon waking in the morning.

The message is simple.

I hope you enjoy my article on Sleep Well to Start Fresh. I have included six super easy steps to a sound sleep.

Here’s to all of us, our wellbeing, positivity, love, and light.

The caravan keeps moving…