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8 Steps To Getting Off the Emotional Rodeo – You Decide Your Life, Your Way

Your time on this planet and what you do is your own choice. Full stop.

Otherwise, you’re on an emotional rodeo of wanting more and more.  Because your internal critic is comparing your stuff and success to other people’s achievements.

And why would their life matter to your life?  You know who I mean – those people who we imagine to having all of life’s goodies.  Maybe you believe there’s a special road designed for certain people and it’s called Easy Street.

Whether you are aware of this or not – we all live in some state of cognitive bias. This is a mistake in reasoning.

For some reason (pushed upon us by the constant media marketing madness) people constantly are comparing themselves to others.  This has gotten way over the top.  As a result, suffering and disappointment can then seep in.  Ya think!  Leading to a form of self-blame= and frankly, who needs it!

Because, in our quasi-modern times, everyone’s an expert on subjects of life that they may not really know in depth – or have the experience.

And they’re telling you how to lead your life.  Chargeable of course!

Stop and think about it.  Do they have your best interests in mind?

Can these experts understand you?  Do they even know your personal situation and details?

In the external world, there are no hard-fast rules for how to lead a life.  It’s almost comical, but it isn’t if you pay lots of money and give up significant time.  Come to the realization that, people are throwing recommendations at you and not mandates.

I’ve travelled this road of checking out experts.  Yes definitely, there are a few specialists who really walk their talk.  When you find them – grab them.  On the other side of the story – not long ago, I experienced (one of many) a non-expert expert.  And it was time and money consuming.  Plus, it was frustrating and unsatisfying.  What did I do?  Remember that saying: “take what you want and leave the rest”.  Yes, that’s what I did.  Move on


Stop with the excessive comparisons

There isn’t one answer that fits everyone.  It may be obvious but requires a reminder that:  what works for one is not guaranteed to work for everybody.

Break the habit of always using people’s outward success as your benchmark.  Re-read that last statement that says the phrase – outward success

We are living in this time of the Gig Economy.  Many of those who consider themselves successful after mastering their shtick have now become crusaders of their way.  And these new experts are promising big rewards if you will follow their system.  Chargeable of course!  How often do we now see webinars advertised to teach you how to rake in six and seven figure incomes?  Ridiculous.  What worked for one person is not the carte blanche for all.

And who is this expert who is preaching the one size fits all solution?  Think about that, before you sign up for something.  By the by, I bumped into a quote by The Buddha which sums up this rant:  “If a man going down into a river, swollen and swiftly flowing, is carried away by the current – how can he help others across?”  You get my point…

While you’re at it – delete the word Influencer from your mind.  At the least, you must lessen the impact that word has on you.

Less drama is needed.  A lot less.  Drama is pointless and detrimental to your well-being.

Remember that other people’s agendas are just that. It’s their story. Click To Tweet

If there’s a nugget of truth – then extract that piece.  You got it.

You don’t have to be better than anyone else – where did that supposition come from?  And how in the heck could you even measure that?  It’s time you take a look at some of your beliefs that you so value.


How to take your life forward

Do your homework – it’s called due diligence.  Add DD (due diligence) into your life.  You’re the General Manager of your life – aren’t you?  Due diligence is an investigation or audit of a potential investment or product to confirm all facts.  Due diligence refers to the research.  When completed then you will come to your own conclusions and put this in your toolbox. And move forward.

Find positive and useful information that’s out there and then tailor it to your needs.

Who or what things lift your spirit and puts a smile on your face? Go after that and follow those signals.

Be open and allow yourself to discover.

You are the CEO of your life.

It’s up to you to decide – your life, your way.

You take the responsibility and select what is important for you.

Then decide what you want and establish your priorities.  And you create your own curriculum for attaining it.  Including all the teachers, mentors, and angels who can help.


  8 Steps To Life On Your Terms

1. Don’t react to every damn nuisance.
2. Get off the emotional rodeo.
3. Stop incessant rumination.
4. Get clear on your values
5. Be confident.
6. Make your own rules.
7. Stay positive.
8. Redefine success.


So many things happen on the road. It’s called Life.

Keep moving forward. You will make things happen.

Get on with your life and your business, on your terms.

When you decide that it’s your life, your way – you will then find your way.

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