Shinkansen Perfection

Futuristic and spectacular.  The Shinkansen in all its perfection, is the only way to travel in Jap... Read more »

Ki & Ka

Ki & Ka An Indian production Directed by R. Balki Can the man wear the apron and the ... Read more »

Try Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is a great method to purify your mouth. It’s easy to do and with results. It sound... Read more »

Letter from the Editor

You are connected to everything by energy. Spread your positive energy dust everywhere and mo... Read more »

A Warm Dan Tat

A warm dan tat will melt in your mouth and taste so scrumptious that you can’t eat only one. ... Read more »

Let’s Eat

Let's Eat A Singapore - Malaysia production Highest grossing Chinese film of all time. Di... Read more »

The First True Pyramid

A field of pyramids as far as your eyes move on the horizon. I urge you to take a drive approximate... Read more »

Falling Leaves Dress

Instead of people always change their clothes, the clothes can sometimes change themselves. Trees n... Read more »

Text Neck Is Real

Technology was not invented to harm us.  Don’t give in to text neck. If you think looking down... Read more »

Letter from the Editor

Hi and welcome. It’s the Summer 2016 issue of my Quarterly Ezine. And it can always be... Read more »