How is your breathing right now?

672,768,000 breaths in a lifetime.

That’s an average for a person living until 80 years.

How is your breathing right now?

Don’t we generally assume its ok?  

What if it could be more useful, more holistic?

Breathing is an essential of life that most people take for granted.

Even so, how can breathing be this important – since we have been doing it all our lives and with little thought?  

And most probably all too often we have been using a less than advantageous technique.

Goodness!  Like we need another thing to think about?  

Hey – let’s not stress over the stress that poor breathing habits produce.  Awareness and simple techniques can turn this around.

It’s time to learn the correct way to breathe.

8 Steps to breathe for better health and wellness

  1. Get in a comfortable position.
  2. Place one hand on your abdomen.
  3. Begin your breathing and judge for yourself. Which way is your body moving?  Is your belly moving upward toward your chest or expanding fully outward, like you are blowing up a balloon.
  4. Let the rhythm be at its regular tempo.  It will by nature, slow itself down and become smooth and effortless.
  5. Do not hold onto the stress of tight muscles or thoughts.  Breathe and relax. Your body and mind will be your teacher.
  6. Bring your breathing into your stomach – the stomach or abdomen whichever word you prefer to use.  This is one way to tell yourself to move the process lower and away from the upper chest. Precisely though, the stomach is an organ located in the abdomen which is a region between the chest and pelvis.
  7. Hold the breath for a short and easy count.  Then exhale.
  8. At the time to exhale, you will feel your belly contract and become smaller.

By increasing the awareness of your own breathing patterns and shifting to more abdominal breathing, you can reduce muscle tension and anxiety that arises with stress-related thoughts.

Your body feels superb if you will take the time to indulge in deep diaphragmatic breathing.  

Your mind will feel at ease.  And your cells will thank you immensely!

Reboot your life and get back to balance now. I’ll guide you in this process. Correct breathing is one of the 5 ways to get immediate results.

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